a flexible, context-driven system for 2,500 products

Visual Language . System Design . Brand Strategy . Content Strategy . Packaging . Client Training

Redesign the $2 billion Target-owned CPG brand of 2,500 different products spanning more than 70 different categories that was losing consumer relevance and desirability.

Though distinctive, the previous design system didn’t acknowledge the realities of a complex and extremely diverse retail environment. Every product was designed nearly identically, using a reductive, over-simplified turnkey system that failed to enable participation in the national brand conversation at a category level, was incapable of effectively differentiating products within the brand, and was unable to attract cross-category purchases.

Our job was to sort out what was working, what wasn’t, and why. Fix it, codify it, then redesign of the entire product range.

The new design system maintained some of the existing core visual attributes and principles that had defined up & up over the past few years, but now allowed for a defined modulation of those attributes so that the brand could relevantly participate in and respond to its on-shelf context. This not only changed the way the products look and communicate, but fundamentally changed the way the customer perceives the brand—not just as a recognizable brand at a better price than the national equivalent, but as one that truly understands both the category and the customer.

This radical change in approach required a shift in the brand’s priorities, and a fundamental change in the design process—one that guided designers toward effective objective decisions but also allowed them to make meaningful and resonant subjective choices. Ultimately, the result was a responsive, nimble, adaptable and empowered brand.

Here are just a few examples:


  • Agency Partner: Collins, New York
  • Executive Creative Director: Brian Collins
  • Target Lead: David Hartman
  • Creative Director: Weston Bingham
  • Designers: Weston Bingham, Flora Chan, David Harlan, Minah Kim, Esther Li, Mirna Raduka, Josh Smith, Christian Widlic, Target in-house
  • Strategists: Weston Bingham, Leland Maschmeyer
  • Marketing Partner: Target