theatre as perpetual collision

Identity . Visual Language . Brand Strategy . Print . Advertising . Physical Environment . Signage . Art Direction . Typeface Design

For Signature Theatre’s Artistic Director, theatre is about perpetual collision, transforming, enriching and redefining what it means to experience a performance, and in-turn what it means to be who we are. The experience is cumulative, organic, always in-process and collaborative. It is human, and therefore flawed, but it is honest and revelatory. It is tangible, visceral and immersive.

Just as the Frank Gehry-designed architecture is, the Signature Theatre visual language is an expression of those ideas—translated into a malleable voice, able to modulate and flex to respond to the content and nuances of the play, the playwrights and the performers.


The translation of Signature’s mission of ‘theatre as perpetual collision’ extended into the wayfinding typography and the physical forms of the donor recognition. The wayfinding system covers the entire front and back-of-house of the 75,000 square foot comlex, featuring three theatres, two rehearsal studios, a central 5,000 square foot public lobby with a bar/café and bookstore, and a substantial administrative wing. The donor recognition system is a collection of silver-backed clear acrylic bars that physically intersect with the concrete donor column and with the individual naming opportunities—staircases, walls, elevators, architectural features—throughout the entire Center.


The temporary fundraising space features Gehry’s working models and highlights the space and programs of the Center.

  • Agency: Object, New York
  • Creative Director: Weston Bingham
  • Designers: Weston Bingham, Warren Corbitt