privacy, discretion and taste in a tiny Manhattan enclave

Identity . Brand Strategy . UX . UI . Website . Print . Advertising . Physical Environment . Naming . Art Direction

No.22 Renwick is a modest luxury condominium on an obscure one-block street in West SoHo that few people have even heard of. With no grand architectural gestures, no shared amenities or public spaces and only one or two residences per floor, the living experience is very private. Every gesture and nuance of the content and visual language echoed the potential buyer’s desire for privacy, discretion and taste, led by a text and typography-driven narrative—an unusual strategy that ran counter to the typical image-driven approach of lush renderings and photography.

Once the center of printing and typesetting in New York City, the neighborhood itself also had a rich and often seedy history which is referenced in the typography, visual language, and content of the collateral. Today, the neighborhood is very protective of its below-the-radar local culture, so it was important to acknowledge and align with that community by positioning the property as an integral part of the neighborhood fabric, not an aggressive interloper. To that end, the neighborhood itself became a part of the narrative, and the subject of a small book we produced for current residents and store owners.


And finally, as a gift to the new residents, and as a nod to the private clubs and speakeasies that inspired the narrative, we produced our own No.22 Bourbon, custom-distilled for us in upstate New York.


  • Agency: Object, New York
  • Creative Directors, Designers: Weston Bingham, Warren Corbitt
  • Writer: Heather Wagner
  • Photographer: Ngoc Minh Ngo
  • Renderer: ESKQ
  • Marketing: Corcoran Group Marketing
  • Architecture Partner: Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie