new art,
new ideas

Identity . Visual Language . System Design . Brand Strategy . Content Strategy . Print . Advertising

First, we created a logo appropriate for a downtown institution with an agenda not based on traditional notions of beauty or modernity, but rather new ideas about art, artists, curation—new ideas about what makes a museum relevant. Then, more than just a simple identity, we developed a total brand system built on information transparency that removed most of the subjectivity from the institution’s messaging, focusing squarely on the art, the ideas, and what was literally ‘new’.


Collateral development was literally systematized. All museum messaging content-types were defined and permanently sequenced. Regardless of medium or purpose, collateral messaging would then include as many of those content-types as necessary, and present them in their predetermined order, at a single size, in a single typeface. Any colors desired could be selected (or eliminated) to contrast or complement content or context, and images inserted (or not) into the system in their pre-determined place in the sequence. This final grouping would then be placed between the new: and museum of the logo, scaled as desired, and the work was complete.

An objective visual language concept as much about process as form. A clear and recognizable voice for the most contemporary art museum in New York.


  • Agency Partner: Wolff Olins, New York
  • Creative Director: Weston Bingham
  • Designers: Weston Bingham, Olivier Chetelat, Bill Darling, Lily Williams
  • Strategists: Weston Bingham, Eric Scott
  • Architecture Partner: SANAA, Tokyo