rebrand and empower 100+ global partners

Identity . Visual Language . Brand Strategy . UX . UI . Print . Presentation Tools . Client Training

One of the largest advertising networks in the world, Lowe Worldwide, was becoming Lowe + Partners. We were asked to evolve their identity, create digital presentation tools for the network to speak with a single unified voice, and empower the more than one hundred offices around the world to assert their individuality.

For presentation needs, we developed a pair of tools: first, a media rich interactive digital capabilities application, and second, an easily editable and adaptable digital presentation/pitch deck. Together, these tools enabled Lowe + Partners to speak with consistency as a network, and with a tuned, but malleable voice when speaking as individual offices to different clients and contexts.



To reflect the diverse cultures of each of the Lowe offices, each was invited to contextualize the global identity with a local expression of their own. In this way each office celebrated their individuality and local relevance while demonstrating the collaboration, global reach and coordination that made Lowe the success that it was. While some are more (much more) successful than others, the opportunity was met with great excitement and clearly enjoyed.


  • Agency: Object, New York
  • Creative Director: Weston Bingham
  • Designers: Weston Bingham, Allen Hori
  • Writer: Tom Goodwin