memorializing a temporary art installation

On November 9, 2016, artist Matthew Chavez, armed with colorful Post-it Notes and a few markers, empowered thousands of people in New York City to exercise their right to free speech and share their hopes, anger and anxieties about the recent US election. The result was a beautiful, temporary art installation comprised of more than 10,000 individual messages stuck to a wall in the Union Square Subway station.

This limited edition book, commissioned by First Look Media, memorialized that spontaneously crowdsourced artwork. Pages alternate between photos of the installation, and nearly blank pages that invite others to respond with their own messages.

The photographs are printed on the inside of the french-folded and perforated pages, requiring the reader to tear open the pages to reveal the messages, extending the act of the artwork’s creation.

flm_02 flm_03 flm_04flm_04cflm_05 flm_06 flm_07bflm_08 flm_09 flm_10 flm_11 flm_12

  • First Look Media (FLM) Leads: Philip Delbourgo, Dina Chang
  • Creative Directors, Designers: Weston Bingham, Nichole Sokoloff
  • Writer: Philip Delbourgo (FLM)
  • Photographer: FLM