trickle-up cultural insights

Print . Typeface Design

A casebound collection of 16 trend reports from Crystal, a cultural research and insights group that helped to frame and shape the development of their clients’ brand and communication strategies with globally and locally emerging shifts in consumer attitudes and behavior.

The designs of the covers and title pages take their cues from the DIY craft trends researched in the collection, while the body of the text takes its cues from formal academic journals. That formal structure is layered with a second grid of freeform quotes from field researchers and trend sources, overprinted with metallic gold brand provocations that reference illuminated religious texts—a nod to the fervency with which these reports were read by the select few who received them. All pages are uncut, with oversized perforations so that the reader can participate in the ‘discovery’ of the cultural references collected between the texts of each of the reports.


  • Agency Partner: Ogilvy & Mather, Brand Integration Group (BIG), New York
  • Executive Creative Director: Brian Collins
  • Creative Director: Weston Bingham
  • Designers: Weston Bingham, Apirat Infahsaeng
  • Writers: Zoë Lazarus, Richard Welch