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Counsel is a strategic research, insights, and innovation group that studies emerging behavior and attitudes before they reach the mainstream. Using their global leading-edge network to identify and track emerging shifts in consumer behavior and attitudes, they provide insight into the direction of the mainstream, one to three years in the future.

The ‘product’ of the group is information, so the visual language and presentation/report tools were designed to balance the need for a visual language both distinctive and ownable, but objective and adaptable. Functionally the design adapts as effectively to on-the-fly presentations as it does for more carefully crafted content, while remaining visually unified regardless of context, content or media.

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Above, the collaborative content app allowed clients to better track the research commissioned for their particular purposes. Content is specific to the client and project registered with the app, with sharable content for colleagues that may not be a direct part of the research, and a multi-pronged search feature that lets clients define their own paths into the research (limited by Counsel, of course) either through keywords, relevant subjects, or images from the research being done on their behalf.

Below, the Counsel blog and the Counsel Briefing, a subscription-based weekly newsletter, both publishing regular cultural insights and opinion pieces from Counsel staff and field network.counsel_11

  • Agency: Object, New York
  • Designer: Weston Bingham