database-driven storytelling

System Design . Content Strategy . Digital Environment . UI . Retail

The Coach department store boutique, designed by OMA/Rem Koolhaas, first launched at the brand’s flagship location at Macy’s Herald Square New York. Aligning with Coach’s “magic and logic” maxim, the boutique features a choreographed array of screens displaying product, collection stories, video, and ambient content (logic), that convert to mirrors when the screen is tapped (magic).

Visual database assets are organized with a wide range of properties that can be curated and coordinated together to communicate stories and visual expressions related to the brand, the season, the collection concept, or a particular item, product type or line.

Story elements are displayed in rigorous image-, video- and text-based mosaic-like modular templates, coordinated with each other for display performances that orchestrate in unison, in-the-round, as linear narrative sequences, or each screen independently. The space can be further activated by designating which types of content appear on the screens facing outward to the department store, and which on the screens facing inward to the boutique.

Video and content above created by Slanted Studios
spacer_200 coach_diagram


  • Agency Partner: Apologue, Los Angeles
  • Project Lead: Tali Krakowsky
  • Experience Strategy: Tali Krakowsky, Weston Bingham
  • Creative Directors, Designers: Weston Bingham, Beth Elliott
  • UX Design: Apologue, AV&C
  • Technology Engineering, Integration: AV&C, New York
  • Architecture Partner: OMA/Rem Koolhaas