translating architectural gesture

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The marketing program for Chelsea Modern was a tangible translation of the architecture. The building’s distinctively angled facade, the precisely considered gallery-like interiors, and the 24/7 West Chelsea neighborhood each, in different ways, provided the foundation for the content and design of the program. Every gesture of every element, from typography to paper choice to sales space finishes, translated and expressed the property’s physical characteristics, experience, and context. In this way potential buyers could experience the property before it was actually built.

Highlights included a dual-spine white-on-white book with one side dedicated to the property, the other to the neighborhood, and a 4,000 square foot architectural experience, with reproductions of the angled facade and the tiled pop-out windows used to deliver information about the building and neighborhood respectively. In the spirit of modernist transparency we also installed eye-level running text along the entrance and meeting room walls listing the thousands of different building materials used in the property construction.

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  • Agency: Object, New York
  • Creative Directors, Designers: Weston Bingham, Warren Corbitt
  • Writer: Mark Lamster
  • Photographer: Walter Smith
  • Renderer: Hypertecture
  • Sales Office Architect: Audrey Matlock Architecture
  • Marketing: Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group
  • Architecture Partner: Audrey Matlock Architecture
  • Property Developer: Madison Equities