be whoever,
do whatever,
whenever, wherever,
together, all at once

Identity . Visual Language . Brand Strategy . UI . Motion/Animation . Print . Advertising . Retail . Packaging . Sound Design . Naming

Armed with a handheld prototype and a dream team of designers, we created and launched a total brand that spoke directly to the ‘liquid lifestyle’ of its market, and translated that lifestyle into a language completely distinct within the social technology landscape. We designed the brand to reflect the leading-edge youth audience’s preference of idiosyncrasy over homogeneity, complexity over simplicity, and inclusion over selectivity. Ogo communicated with words: IM, SMS and email, and so did our campaign. We developed a multivalent grammar that we activated variously to drive awareness, communicate functionality, or reflect user experience. Visual language and messaging was modulated for each touchpoint’s context, but taken as a whole, communicated the totality of the brand.

The brand lived in Ogo retail environments within AT&T stores, in youth-oriented magazines, and in traditional outdoor print and online media. In addition to the marketing language, we gave Ogo its name, a voice in the form of a multiphonic chant audio logo, a package, an iconography for the device’s hardware and UI, and a family of on-screen avatars. We even wrote the user handbook.

  • Agency Partner: Ogilvy & Mather, Brand Integration Group (BIG), New York
  • Executive Creative Director: Brian Collins
  • Creative Director: Weston Bingham
  • Designers: Weston Bingham, Barry Deck, Stella Bugbee, Iwona Waluk, Apirat Infahsaeng
  • Strategists: Richard Welch, Weston Bingham
  • Writers: Eitan Chitayat, Stella Bugbee, Weston Bingham
  • Animated Avatar Designer: Future Farmers, San Francisco