defining place and time with style and form

207W79 is an Art-Deco inspired luxury condominium designed by Morris Adjmi Architects on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Modern in its open spaces and clean lines, but deeply informed by the scale, materials, and decorative elements of its historic precedents, the interior surfaces and exterior facade are covered with subtle decorative flourishes, nuanced textures and patterns, and a carefully crafted attention to shifts in light, shadow, and color.

The property’s design vocabulary informed every aspect of the marketing materials which contextualize the design within the historic fabric of the Upper West Side, and translate it into a similarly nuanced visual and tactile experience. The story of the design and the experience are expressed throughout the materials with complementary modern and period-specific typography and structures, differently textured materials, embossed patterns taken from the property details, custom fabrications, subtle shifts of light and color, contrasts of matte and glossy surfaces, and metallic accents throughout.

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  • Agency: Open Project, New York
  • Creative Directors, Designers: Weston Bingham, Allen Hori
  • Writer: Luke Baker
  • Renderer: Moso Studios
  • Interior Designer: Patrik Lönn Design
  • Photographer: Vivienne Gucwa
  • Marketing: Corcoran Sunshine
  • Architecture Partner: Morris Adjmi Architects
  • Property Developers: Anbau Enterprises